Accessories That Moms Can’t Function Without

A day in the life of a mom is challenging at best. Not only do they have to get all of their daily errands and tasks completed, the must do so while looking after a baby or toddler. This can lead to all kinds of catastrophes! There are plenty of baby and toddler gadgets you can buy to make your life easier, but the following accessories are essentials that moms can’t live without:



A Quality Pair of Trainers or Pumps


Moms can’t realistically expect to get everything done with a baby or toddler in tow if they aren’t wearing comfy shoes. Trainers or pumps are absolutely essential! They will allow you to chase after your baby if they’re running away, get to them efficiently if they’re in danger, and avoid all kinds of other scary situations. If nothing else, at least you’ll be comfortable while you go about your day!


Pretty Hair Accessories


The hair of a mom can be somewhat questionable. You don’t get a lot of time to yourself, and with everything your baby puts you through in the day, your hair can get messy. This is why pretty hair accessories are a must. A nice hair tie will allow you to scrape your hair up out of your face when you need to. A headband is a quick and easy solution to hair that just won’t do as it’s told. Sometimes all you need is a hair clip to get rid of that pesky fringe!


A Good Watch


All moms need a good watch to tell the time. This will allow you to effectively time baby’s feeds, naptimes, bath times, and more. You don’t always know where you put your mobile phone, and if you’re out and about you may need to access the time quickly. Just look at your trusty watch! Shinola.com make quality watches and straps, great for the busy mom.


A Huge Bag


All moms need a monster bag to carry with them at all times. Not only do you need to fit your belongings inside, but your baby’s too! This includes toys, nappies, wipes, food, and more. You can find bags especially made for this, so make sure you find one as they will be sturdier. You don’t need to sacrifice fashion points though – most of these bags can be found in nice colours and patterns. If you’re currently waiting for your baby to be born, take a look at this advice on surviving your pregnancy with style points in tact.


A Wraparound Baby Carrier


This will let you get everything done all the while cuddling your baby. If baby is crying or doesn’t want to be put down one day, a wraparound baby carrier is the perfect solution. You can get everything done all while comforting your baby!


A Portable Tablet


This will help you to keep your child occupied with games and TV shows wherever you are. It can also be their own mini TV screen if you’re watching something on your normal TV!


These accessories will make your life as a mom much more enjoyable!