Do You Really Need To Apply Eye Cream

The question of whether we really do need to use eye cream is one best answered by looking in the mirror. See any lines, wrinkles or crow’s feet underneath your eyes? Well then the answer is yes, eye creams may not be able to reverse the damage already done to the delicate skin around our eyes, but they can restore some of the moisture and plump up the skin under the eye.


The climates we live in play a huge role in damaging our skin. This is especially true of the skin around our eyes. Harsh Sunny climates, for example, will cause a lot of damage due to the fact that you will squint a lot as well as forget to apply that all important sunscreen to the eye area, cause irreparable damage. As mentioned previously the damage cannot be reversed but the eye creamscan go a long way in improving the area around the eyes.

It’s all in the Formula

Why do eye creams work? Well, it has all got to do will what goes into the eye cream. They are formulated differently to other creams; eye creams are thicker and contain more oils this is because they are made specifically for the delicate thin skin around the eyes.

Why are Eyes different?

Why does this happen to the skin around our eyes in the first place? The answer to that is that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than anywhere else on our bodies. For this reason, they skin around the eyes is more prone to dryness and quicker to show fatigue, so much so that a multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry has grown around just making our eyes look younger. Evaluating skin creams is a full-time job for some.

How Does Eye Cream Work

Fine lines and wrinkles due to sun damage and the fact that as you age your skin makes less collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin, is what causes the skin around our eyes to age. Caught early enough this can be treated with an eye cream containing peptides, vitamin C, and Retinol, all of which work together with other ingredients to restore collagen. Bear this in mind next time you want to buy an eye cream take the time to evaluate skin creams as well as eye creams do not just take the cheapest one you see, check put the ingredients carefully.

Apply Eye Cream Properly

There is one Golden Rule for applying eye creamand that is BE GENTLE. Softly massage with your fingertips or just tap the cream into the skin around the eyes. Do not rub it in vigorously as this will pull your skin in all directions and cause damage and stretching. Do wait at least a minute longer if you can before applying any make-up to that area, giving the eye cream time to soak in.

Remember it is never too soon to start applying eye cream, as early as your twenties you put you in good stead to have beautiful, wrinkle-free skin around your eyes in your Fifties.