Dressing Up In Fancy Dress Costume: Who Will You Be?

Dressing Up In Fancy Dress Costume: Who Will You Be?

An invitation to a fancy dress party is an opportunity to dress up in something completely different from your usual fashion. Whether the party has a theme or it is left to your imagination as to what to choose, it’s great to be as daring and wild as possible.

Want to be scary? Want to be sexy?
Just because it’s a fancy dress party doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good. Of course you may choose something scary like Dr Death or a skeleton and you may still look cool. A well fitted costume can show off curves and slashes in the right place can reveal a tempting glimpse of flesh. Or you can choose a scary zombie outfit and make up to match and look grotesque. You might want to go in complete disguise and have everyone guessing who the person in the batman outfit is. On the other hand, you might want to be obviously yourself, but wearing something completely out of character. If you normally wear low necklines and high hems, how about covering up in a nun’s outfit. If you normally wear jeans and sweatshirt, how about going for a revealing Hollywood diva look? It could be the start of a new life! The choice is yours.

What themes?
The party may have a theme such as someone from a film or book, your alter ego, or a horror theme. Some of these require more imagination than others. If the theme is scary then it is relatively easy to find a horror fancy dress off the peg, such as a vampire, the grim reaper, a ghost or any number of zombies. Add some blood- fake of course- to spice it up. Choosing a character from a film may require more adaptations. Fancy dress shops offer accessories as well as full outfits, so it might be a question of finding the right hat or shoes to turn an outfit into the perfect disguise. An umbrella and a huge bag for Mary Poppins, ruby red slippers for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, green tights and a bow and arrow for Robin Hood. A bit of searching and you may find these outfits readymade too. What if the theme is ‘Come as your alter ego’? Let your imagination fly. This outfit may require more courage and daring, but could be great fun!

Buy, Make, Hire?
If speed is off the essence, then finding a hire shop is probably the easiest way to go. If the outfit is very specific – a skeleton or a vampire it may only be worn once so hiring it could be the most cost effective option. There are fancy dress shops online which will deliver an outfit the next day which is ideal for a last minute invitation and will save time. A quick click through a website and you could be ordering the perfect horror fancy dress, Superman or a Little Bo Peep outfit. The hired outfit may look more professional and stylish than homemade, too.


Alix Holt has organised themed parties for family and friends over many years. She also writes about her experience in a variety of blogs and websites. Click here for more information.

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