Your Engagement Ring Style: Sorted!

If you’re likely to be getting engaged soon, then it helps to have a think about engagement ring styles to make sure you’re prepared. While some grooms-to-be may prefer to select the ring on their own, others will ask their bride-to-be to help select it with them, to make sure they choose the perfect ring. Whether you’re a groom-to-be working alone or working with your partner, the following styles of engagement ring should help you to narrow down your options:



The Simple Solitaire


The simple solitaire is perfect for the woman who wants to stay classic. This ring is a classic choice for a lot of women and very versatile indeed. It’s usually comprised of a plain, smooth band of any metal colour, with a round diamond set in the middle all alone. The diamond can usually be any size and quality, depending on your budget. This kind of ring will never go out of style.


Alternative Diamond Shapes


Alternative diamond shapes have been made popular by celebrities, and are great if you want to make a statement. There are multiple diamond shapes you can go for, some more flamboyant than others. For example, there’s oval, pear, princess cut, and even heart shapes. It’s all down to the statement you’d like to make!


The Huge Rock


Some women would love nothing more than a huge rock on their finger. It’s wise to remember the 4 C’s in a situation like this though. Just because a diamond is huge, doesn’t mean it’s good quality. The carat of the diamond refers to the weight, while the clarity, colour, and cut give you an idea of how sparkly, clear, and well cut the diamond is. If you want a very big diamond, then you may need to sacrifice a little on the quality. If you don’t mind that, then you could soon have a huge rock on your finger!


The Designer Ring


As well as buying a quality engagement ring from a jeweler, you can also buy one from a well known designer. These will usually be very expensive in comparison to rings from regular jewelers. Tiffany’s rings, for example, are a good choice but extremely expensive. You could more than likely get engagement rings from Whiteflash.com that are just as good for a better price.


A Bit of Colour


Some women don’t favour diamonds at all, and much prefer a bit of colour when it comes to their jewellery. You could choose emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or another stone if you prefer colour. You have an unlimited amount of choices! If you’re on a tight budget, you could also go for coloured cubic zirconia.


The Vintage Ring


This style of ring is perfect for somebody who likes other eras and enjoys standing out from the crowd. You can buy real vintage, where the ring already has a backstory. The other option is to simply buy a ring that looks vintage, so you get the look while still owning a new ring. It’s up to you!


Hopefully this has helped you to settle on an engagement ring style. Good luck!