Fantastic Family Pets For You To Enjoy

Every family should own a pet; especially when the children are young. The cuddly little beasts have a lot to offer us all if we take the time to enjoy them. We tend to get through a few different species because they don’t live as long as us. Though that is sad for the animal, it gives us a chance to welcome more of them into the fold to enrich our lives.


Every animal has something to offer, and we will take a look at some of them today. If you have no pets, perhaps it will open your eyes and encourage you to look for one immediately.


Get A Dog

Dogs are faithful companions, and they have a lot to offer if you give them a chance. I think every family should look after one at some point.


Exercise: The whole family could take advantage of their beloved pooch to help them get extra exercise. Your kids will probably spend time in the garden wrestling with it and families often take it for walks together on weekends. It needs regular outings to maintain its health and fitness and a nudge from a cold nose will remind you when the time is right. The activity will also help you lose weight if you need to.


Responsibility: Your children will learn that the dog needs care. Make them responsible for looking after it occasionally. That might mean walking or brushing it. It is probably best to treat it for pet fleas yourself so that the treatment is successful, and you don’t have a room full of the pesky insects.


Companionship: A dog is always happy to see you when you need them They have a fantastic sense of empathy and know when a family member is upset over something. Over time, your children might pick up on the kindness that the dog shows them; it is a valuable lesson.


Death: You children will outlive that mangy mongrel, and they will learn a lot from its passing. Death comes to every living thing eventually, and it is good to learn about the grieving process at a young age. Kids are resilient, and it won’t be long until they ask for another pet. The lesson here is that life goes on, and emotional wounds heal over time. Of course, this applies to all pets unless you get an elephant; that could outlive all of you.


Get A Cat

Cats are beautiful animals, and they make fantastic pets. The problems arise, in my opinion, when the owners decide to have five or ten in residence. Unless they clean the house scrupulously every day, the place soon starts to smell and fill up with cat hair. There are good reasons to get a cat.


Blood pressure: The medical experts reckon that the act of stroking an animal can lower your blood pressure. Cats purr and when they are on your lap it makes you relax. As you are aware, relaxation techniques are fundamental to the treatment of many mental illnesses.


Cleanliness: Even if the house becomes filthy, the cat will not. They spend a lot of their time preening themselves. I suspect they are one of the cleanest animals on the planet; certainly more hygienic than some humans I know. The bury their mess too. That can be problematic when you weed the garden and come across it, so you should always wear gloves. The good news is that they will probably use a neighbours garden rather than yours.


Get A Tortoise

It is illegal to import these creatures now, so it can be hard to find one. There are plenty in the country because they live for a long time. If you get hold of a young one and you look after it well, it could accompany you for the rest of your life.


Get A Hamster

Hamsters are beautiful creatures and ideal for young children. Rodents get a lot of bad press, but there is only so many of them because humans create so much mess and waste. These bundles of fur are nothing like the sewer rats though.


Space: Hamsters take up little space. They can live happily in a small cage as long as it has a wheel on which to exercise. They enjoy playing with the little toys you can buy in the pet shop too. If you want to let them out of the cage for an adventure, put them in a plastic ball. Once inside, they can move around the room with ease.


Care: Hamsters need little care. You must learn how to trim their claws and give them something on which to gnaw. Clean the cage out a couple of times a week and replace the sawdust and bedding so that it is warm and dry. Drinking water bottles are a convenient way to keep them hydrated, and their food is cheap.


Get A Goat

It may sound silly at first, but goats make great pets. They have childlike personalities and are good around people. If you have a sprawling wild garden that you find hard to keep, the goat will make short work of it. You will never need to mow the grass again. They are excellent climbers and will get over the garden fence if you don’t keep them on a leash though. Tie them in different areas of the yard so that they have plenty to eat. You can also take a goat for a walk so that they can sample the delights of other areas.


Get A Rabbit

If you get more than one rabbit and you are unsure of their sex, you must keep them apart. They breed quickly, and the numbers grow exponentially. Kids love to help their mom or dad build a luxurious hutch before they collect their pet. It is a memory they will retain through the years.


There are many other animals that you could adopt as a pet. Tropical fish are perfect for lazy people who don’t like exercising pets. Give them the right conditions, some fish food, and leave them to it. There is something in the animal world for everyone; what will you choose?