Find The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

Wearing glasses is bad enough.  It’s difficult to rely on something every day to help you do something simple as see.  Forgetting your glasses can result in you being forced to squint your eyes all day, and you may never feel good about yourself if you don’t love how your glasses look.


The first step to finding the right eyeglasses is determining what shape your face is, and picking the cheap eyeglasses that look best for your face shape.  When you buy the right glasses for your face shape, you can use your glasses as an asset that highlights your best features, rather than a necessary annoyance that helps you see very day.

Finding Your Face Shape


Discovering what shape your face is most like is an easy process.  Either pull your hair back off your face and spend some time looking in the mirror, or do a face check right out of the shower.  Wet hair takes the focus off your hair and allows you to focus right on your face and the shape of it.


The Angles


When you pull your hair back off your face, if you notice an abundance of right angles, and your face is as wide as it is long, there are certain types of glasses that will work best for your face shape.  With these face types, you may also notice broad cheekbones and a prominent jaw.  When choosing glasses, the goal is to choose frames that play against the contours of your face.  A pair of low profile glasses with a bottom that is curved and rimless can deepen the softness of your face and give you more of a round appearance.  The additional drama with the upper frames also helps to pull attention away from your chin and jaw.


The Oval


Most oval faces are completely symmetrical.  Typically, cheekbones are slightly above the middle of the face, and the chin is a tad bit narrower than the forehead.  Oval faces are often described as harmonious or classical, and lucky for you, an oval face looks good in almost any shape of glasses.  In order to play up the best parts of your oval face, choose a pair of narrow glasses that have upswept corners, and include accents on top.  These glasses can give you the appearance of having had a facelift by putting the focus on your cheekbones and appearing to slim out the jaw.


The Inverted Triangle


If your face has more weight on top, with broad cheekbones and a larger forehead that narrow down to your chin, look for glasses that minimize the width of your cheeks.  Choose frames that are airy and rimless, or butterfly lenses that are a little wider at the bottom.


Finding The Perfect Glasses


Your confidence can increase quickly when you find the right pair of glasses for your face shape.  When finding your face shape, remember that many faces fit into a hybrid category that involves several different aspects from every category.  Simply determine which category most fits your face, and then move on to the next step, trying on several different pairs to find the one you love the most.  There’s no need to feel down on yourself when you wear glasses; finding the right frames can make anyone feel sexy and confident.



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