Gift Ideas for the Techy Mum

If you’re searching for a gift for your tech savvy mum, read on to discover a few unique gift ideas that are bound to make your mum’s day special. After all, no mum really wants a pair of socks or another photo album.

1. Robotic vacuum cleaner

Let’s face it, most mums don’t enjoy cleaning! So you can’t go wrong gifting your mum with her very own robot helper. Sure a robotic vacuum cleaner might not make her dinner or fold her laundry but with one touch of a button it can give her home a thorough vacuuming. Best of all most modern robot vacuum cleaners have built in sensors, which means they won’t fall down the stairs or bump into chair legs.

2. Voice activated coffee machine

If your mum likes to start her day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, consider purchasing her a voice activated coffee machine. Unlike confusing coffee machines that are covered in dozens of buttons, voice activated coffee machines are extremely easy to operate, all your mum has to do is speak into her machine’s microphone and request a cup of coffee. It’s seriously that simple!

3. Electronic pedometer

Sure pedometer’s have been around for years but in the last few months a variety of modern electronic pedometers have hit the market and this time you can’t just shake them up and down to get a few extra steps. The latest pedometers boast not only count steps but measure how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burnt and can even sync your data straight to your computer. If your mum is interested in fitness, she’ll love having her own electronic pedometer and competing against friends and family.

4. E-book reader

If your mum is a keen reader or a frequent traveler and hasn’t got her hands on an e-book reader, she won’t know what she’s missing out on! An e-book reader makes a great gift as your mum can store hundreds of books on just one device. Plus, if you buy her an e-book reader she won’t have to visit the book store or library again as most e-book readers can be connected to the internet, where your mum can buy new books which just one click of her mouse.

5. Smart phone printer

If you gift your mum a smart phone printer, she’ll be able to print real copies of photos stored on her smart phone. After all, what mum doesn’t like showing off pictures of her children or grand children? Plus it’s so much easier printing photographs straight from a phone, than having to find the proper USB cable to connect a smart phone to a PC or traditional printer.

So if you’re lucky enough to have a tech savvy mum, surprise her with one of the latest and greatest devices mentioned above. No matter whether you’re celebrating your mum’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas or just want to say thanks for being an incredible mum, you can’t go wrong surprising your mum with a new piece of technology!