A Guide to Knowing When Somebody Likes You

Knowing when somebody likes you can be difficult. If you like them, you can kid yourself into thinking that they like you because you so desperately want it to be true. However, there’s no escaping the fact that they might just be a nice person. If you want to know the truth, you need to look out for the following signs:


They Go Out of Their Way to Talk to You


Do you feel as if this person goes out of their way to talk to you? If you work with them, they might try to work close by or come to chat to you in your office. They may message you by sending you a text, or even by contacting you via social media. If somebody messages you on a dating site then they are definitely interested, just make sure that they have good intentions first. You can usually trust Arab dating sites to be reliable. Remember, this is fine if you like them too, but not if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


They Ask About You


If somebody shows an active interest in you by asking questions, then they definitely like you even if it’s only as a friend. They might want to know all kinds of things about you, from your home life to the music you enjoy listening to. Again, they shouldn’t ask inappropriate questions.


You ‘Bump Into Them’


If somebody likes you, then they might make it so you ‘bump into’ each other at convenient times. This might be at a pub, in a supermarket, or somewhere else you’ve told them you hang out. Remember that there’s a fine line between stalking and coming to see you though.


They Mirror Your Movements


When a person likes us or are interested in us, they’ll mirror our movements. Everybody does it, although most of the time it’s subconscious. Try to watch them secretly to see if you think they are mirroring you at all.


They Compliment You


Do they pay you compliments? Say they like your hair, outfit, or even that you have a good singing voice? They’ll compliment you if they want you to know that they like you.


They Remember Things About You


People don’t remember things that aren’t important to them. It’s that simple. If you’re important to the other person, they’ll remember things about you. These things might be silly, things that you forgot you’d even mentioned. However, their brain stored them automatically because they liked you. If they bring something up that you told them a while ago, this person could be a keeper.


You’re Playful With One Another


If you always joke with one another and ‘banter’ back and forth, you definitely have a friendship forming with this other person. It might only be a matter of time before you turn into something more!


Do you see the above signs when you interact with the other person? There’s a good chance they like you. If you like them too, why not see if they want to do something fun with you, like go bowling? Good luck!