Helping Your Shy Child Come Out Of Their Shell

Not all children come with confidence to spare. Some are a little more reserved and prefer being alone to surrounding themselves with crowds. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit shy, but some children suffer from feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. If your child is stuck in their shell, we’ve got a few great ways to help them step out and be the confident kid you know they can be.

Be Supportive

Don’t force your child to change. It’s important to show them that you love and support them no matter what.  If they don’t want your help, listen and respect their choices. However, if they’d like to work on improving their confidence and assertiveness, provide them with whatever resources they need to achieve their goals.

Get Them Excited

One of the best ways to get someone out of their shell is to get them excited about something. It can be an activity, an event, or a school subject. Find out your child’s passion, and encourage it. Have them attend events where they can meet like-minded individuals they connect with. By involving them in activities they genuinely care about, your child will feel comfortable engaging with people around them.

Look At The School

Does your school have a performing arts program? If so, suggest your child join in. Acting, playing a musical instrument, and singing can all dramatically boost a child’s confidence. Standing onstage, confident in their ability to perform, can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem. If your school system doesn’t have the resources you’re looking for, do some research: there are an assortment of high schools with great performing arts programs out there. Looking for the perfect one could be a great bonding experience, and give your kid the confidence they need to pursue their passions.

Give Them Space

Hovering over your child might seem a great way to protect and nurture them, but they need to step out on their own – particularly when they’re shy. One of the most significant boosts your shy child can experience is doing things on their own. From seeing a movie solo to going on a shopping trip with friends, these little steps can turn into  progress. It’s vital that your child feels comfortable and secure even when you’re not there with them. Give them the tools to step out on their own, then make sure to step back and watch the shine.

Be a Good Role Model

Children learn most by observing, so be careful to notice your  actions and behaviors. Speak with confidence; carry yourself well and positively assert yourself. When speaking to your child, maintain eye contact. If they’re particularly nervous about an event (such as a college interview), offer to practice with them. Give them any tricks and tips you’ve learned over the years to help them improve their confidence. By giving your child a positive and consistent example of being confident, they’ll have the tools they need to assert themselves whatever the situation may be.