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One of the tougher obstacles that aspiring performers or models go though is the cost of launching themselves. We all have dreams and ambitions to fulfill but at times even the most talented ones find themselves short of necessary resources and eventually fail to make the cut. Are you one of them? Relax and research because the online platform might just have the proper antidote to your problems. Various organizations and entertainment agencies have launched their portals where you can get all the information you need and even consult with the industry professionals through internal forums or chats sessions. But the best part of this online facility is that you can upload your profile, resume or portfolios along with photographs free of cost. Sounds intriguing? If yes scroll down to get a brief on the features and utilities it provides.

  • The Basic information: A few of these portals are very informative and provide information on auditions, casting calls, open calls, modeling opportunities and other area of profession related to the world of performing arts all around the country. Therefore, you can gather all the data ranging from the most happening auditions in the country right up to call ups for screen tests for a specific role. So, it can be considered as a free informative database.
  • Activities for you: Some of these sites have the unique feature of enrollment. If you happen to have valid email id all you have to do is provide the same and register. A few of the websites requires a valid phone number for authentication and security. Basically you are provided with a web space where you can upload your resume, photographs, portfolios, consult, clear your doubts and get your questions answered along with a few tips and tricks. It can be compared with various job searching sites in business.


  • The process: If the site is owned by any freelancing agency your resume will be emailed to different entertainment companies or fashion houses which have vacancies. As a matter of fact, these organizations outsource their recruitment and talent scouting process to different service provider agencies. In return they are paid on contractual terms. But for you it’s an interface that is available free of cost.
  • The call ups: You might receive calls from potential recruiters or might be intimated by the people of the agencies who own the website. Be ready to grab the opportunity and make the most out of it.
  • Pros and cons: Well, it’s free. That scores huge for the pros part. No agents to deal with add up to the positive tally of the pros part. If you are comfortable enough with the online platform and the basic ways to use it then pros scores a few more. There’s one problem that might make you think twice before you register. Online spam and fraudulent websites are at large nowadays with the increasing volume of cyber crime. During the online registration process never provide password of your existing email id or online bank account. Furthermore many of the fake entertainment portals ask access information to your profile in social networking sites. Refrain from registering in such forums. You don’t want the cons part to score too many.

Be careful while filling up the online form or while preparing the resume because the online copies will be validated against the originals during the auditions or interviews and incorrect information even if provided inadvertently might lead to direct disqualification. Free auditions online provide aspiring performers the perfect opportunity to highlight their skills and give their career a head start.

Author’s Bio – Anny Smith is known for writing fashion and modeling related blogs. Be it on free auditions or anything else – she writes on a wide variety of topics.

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