What Does Marriage Mean To Women In The Modern World?

In the modern world, many women find themselves confused by marriage. We are no longer the generation who taught that a wedding should be our main life goal. Instead, our parents raised us to believe that independence is favorable to reliance. Relying on a man for social and financial security is not necessary. Many women find that there is no need for them to marry now. In a world where equality is our sole aim, why do we need to bind ourselves to a man for stability?


The topic is one that raises many controversial questions. Do women need to get married at all? Is there something misogynistic about marriage as an institute? If there is, what place does marriage have in the 21st century? In times gone by, women would opt to marry so that they could be secure. Now women pride themselves on supporting themselves. There is nothing to say they need a man to be stable, yet many women still choose to marry.


An archaic tradition


In all the modern religions, marriage is a focal point for men and women. Religious officials often frown upon women who have children out of wedlock. If religion plays a large part in a woman’s life, of course, she will want to marry. For these women, it’s not about wedding card designs or finding the perfect dress. Instead, it’s about the institution of marriage and all that means to them as a spiritual person.


A sense of security


There was a time when women married so that they could have financial security. Whilst women still earn less than men on average; they don’t need men to pay their way. It’s not just financial stability that marriage offers; marriage offers a sense of security. Security within the relationship is important to many women. Many people still believe that men are the more-promiscuous sex. A marriage is a promise between a man and a woman that they will be faithful to one another.


A solid base for a family


For women who want to have children, a marriage is more than just a document. The marriage provides them with a solid base for their family life. Many women will argue that they can have the same security by cohabiting with the father of their children. When starting a family, there is something easier about having a husband, but that doesn’t mean that it is right. In the western world, there are many families living in different circumstances. There is not one right way to raise a family. In fact, raising a family is a completely individual experience.


Rights and responsibilities


Getting married gives both parties more rights and responsibilities when it comes to the law. For example, if your boyfriend gets injured in an accident, the hospital officials may stop you from seeing him. If he were your husband, though, the hospital officials would have to allow you to see him. Small rights like that can make all the difference to the stability of the relationship.


Every woman deserves a choice


Ultimately, it is every woman’s choice whether she wants to marry. To say that a woman is a bad feminist because she chooses to marry is ridiculous. In the same vein, telling a woman that she should marry is an infringement on her personal rights. Every woman should have the right to choose whether marriage is the right step for her. When we talk about women fighting for their rights, we are not talking about a rigid set of rules. Women deserve the right to choose their destiny. They don’t need society to dictate to them what they should be or whether they should marry. In the end, every woman deserves to be the master of her future.