Sheila B. – A Unique Jewellery Designer

Some designers love to take their inspiration from the natural world.

Nature creates patterns and materials with a unique beauty that is hard to match; from precious metals to multi-coloured gemstones, wood to feathers, there is a whole host of wonderful mediums that can be fashioned into infinite objects of desire.

One such designer is Iceland-born Sheila B., a former makeup artist and wardrobe stylist turned jewellery designer. You can find a handpicked selection of Sheila B.’s range at Lastashop.

Sheila B. injects life right into her jewellery ranges, with the use of colour, crystals, stones, fossils, bones, wood and luxury metals. This use of natural materials has its roots in her Icelandic upbringing. Iceland is known around the world for its distinctive and striking landscape: geysers burst, volcanos erupt, glaciers glitter, and the lush valleys sprawl. It is truly the land of fire and ice.

All her accessories are handcrafted by artisans and include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, all of which evoke a country that feels untamed and exciting. These pieces make for great statement jewellery and the one-of-a-kind gemstones mean you’ll stand out from the crowd.

The Odin bracelet is designed with the glaciers and rocks of Iceland in mind, and it really reflects the whole feel of the country. The bracelet is finished off with 24K gold plated brass, which adds to the glamour. Another item that’s brimming with Icelandic heritage is the Penelope Bracelet. The pale-green and white fluorite mineral gemstone perfectly mirrors Iceland and really shows how Iceland has inspired Sheila B.

If chunky bracelets aren’t your thing, Sheila B.’s pendants are just as exquisite. The Prospero necklace features an attention-grabbing dark grey druzy quartz crystal that is raw cut into a diamond shape. It’s all rounded of with a gold chain. The Shark Spirit necklace is equally eye-catching, using a fossilized shark tooth as its centrepiece to blend ancient tradition with modern design.

Sheila B.’s rings also combine gold with amazingly-patterned gemstones like pink and white geodes and black garnet gemstones, with their strange, other-worldly textures.

If you absolutely have to have jewellery that’s as far from the mainstream, high street look as possible and you’re a nature lover at heart, then Sheila B. is the jewellery designer for you.