The Smart Way To Create A Safe Play Environment For Your Kids

Few things are as enjoyable to listen to than our little daredevils playing outside. All too often, though, those sounds of joy and laughter can quickly turn into tears and wails of pain after a nasty fall.

It’s probably fair to say that we’d like to experience more of the joyful sounds and less of the wails of pain. While we can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and protect them from everything, there are things we can as parents to limit the potential for accidents.

Play areas are a common source point of accidents, which isn’t surprising as there are things to fall from and other little people to bump into. Soft flooring has been a common solution on playground flooring as it is excellent at cushioning falls, especially from height such as those from a climbing frame.

CrumbzRubber.com are well known for providing high quality materials for use in playgrounds and schools. They provide rubber chippings and rubber bark in loose fill as well as rubber than can be mixed with resin the create a flat, immovable surface.

Why Use Rubber?

Wood chippings have traditionally been used in kids play areas and they do provide a good, cushioned surface to protect against falls. Rubber is often a better choice, though, because of its cost effectiveness and for its anti mold and anti fungal properties.

If there are two toxins we want our kids to stay away from, it’s mold and fungus. They can both wreak havoc with the immune system, which is still developing in children. As such, its ability to fight off certain infections is less so than in many adults.

Traditional wood chippings have a tendency to attract mold and fungus because of the way they soak up water. As the water sits there, it creates an environment that is perfect for the growth of mold and fungus.

Rubber chippings, on the other hand, do not soak up water and instead allow it to drain straight off and into the earth below. This means that mold and fungus never get an opportunity to take hold. Perfect for fledgling immune systems!

Cost Effective

The other great benefit of rubber is how cost effective it can be compared to wood chippings. Because wood chippings are a natural product, they are prone to breakdown and deterioration like any other natural product.

As a result, it has to be replaced on a somewhat regular basis, which makes it quite costly over time. Conversely, rubber chippings have a much slower rate of deterioration and will last for many more years than wood mulch. Depending on the environment and how much traffic it gets rubber chippings can last as much as ten or more years.

From Tyre To Playground

So how do old tyres end up being protective flooring in children’s play areas? They go through a process that takes the raw product, which in this case is tyres from cars, trucks and airplanes and breaks them down into loose pieces.

The tyres are broken down into small chunks and then go through a refining process that removes all of the metal wire and other non-rubber materials from them. They are sifted and broken down further in a somewhat lengthy process until all that remains are the loose rubber chippings and none of the filler content.

From there, the rubber is coated in a high quality, non toxic paint that is guaranteed for 8 years (not all companies provide an 8 year coating guarantee, but Crumbz Rubber do).

The last part of the tyre’s journey is to be laid in place in the children’s playground and play area in the back yard, ready to cushion their falls.