Things To Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

When people think of Las Vegas Nevada, they usually think of gambling at massive casinos. The Las Vegas strip is exciting with lots of lights, exotic looking buildings and fountains, all designed to draw you inside to gamble your money. That can be fun for a while, but there is much more to do there in the city. Many options are kid friendly as well.

  • Go see a show. Las Vegas draws top acts like musicians, magicians and stage shows, like Cirque Du Soleil to its stages. It is also known for sporting events like boxing and championships of several sports, such as American Ninja Warrior. Check in advance for tickets, because these shows often sell out quickly.
  • Visit the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Both are just minutes outside Las Vegas. You can even get tours inside of the Dam to learn about its constructions and how it works. It is great for kids and adults alike.
  • Visit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, for a race or to get a chance to drive a race car around the track with one of the companies that offers lessons and racing experiences.
  • Get pampered at a spa or salon. Get yourself a new haircut, a facial or even a massage. Here is a directory from Groupon that will show you the best places and give you some good deals. This is a perfect activity for mid-day, when it can get quite hot in Las Vegas.
  • Visit the Neon Museum, which holds a very large collection of the grand neon signs of old Las Vegas. Day and Night tours are available. This would be quite a fun activity for photographers.
  • If you are a nature lover, take a drive up into the hills, west of town and see the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and take a drive up to Mt Charleston. The landscape is outstanding. If you have a bit longer of a stay, Death Valley is another destination for a short day trip.
  • Take a helicopter tour. It is an exciting way to get a different perspective on it all and get some great aerial photography.
  • Visit the locations of TV shows that are on networks such as Discovery or the History Channel, such as Pawn Stars, Counts Customs from the Counting Cars show or Rick’s Restoration.
  • Go shopping. There is a massive place called the “Fashion Mall” where you can spend hours in air conditioned shopping bliss.

Whatever time of year you go, you need never be at a loss for something fun to do besides gambling. It can be a fun place for the whole family!