Three Ways SkyChildCare Makes for Better Daycare Services

SkyChildCare is a brilliant management solution to many of the issues that give childcare operators the blues. But the benefit isn’t limited to the folks who run these businesses. As these individuals save time and money, their extra time and energy can be devoted to the children they care for. This kind of situation translates into happier, healthier kids, and a better value to parents. SkyChildCare is on the cutting edge of what makes good daycares great, and there are some very specific, tangible benefits.

  1. Ease of Enrollment. Childcare services thrive when they have a certain number of children involved with their program. Too many and it’s impossible to give the proper level of care to each child. Too few, and it’s impossible to keep the lights on. SkyChildCare intervenes, by containing detailed information about every child involved in a program like this. No longer will an operator have to keep track of key information (like the Joneses going out of the country for three months starting in November, or little Ralphie moving away with his family in the spring) in order to maintain enrollment numbers– it’s all done for you. Also, communication with parents and guardians is greatly simplified, meaning that it’s much easier to attain and maintain the right number of kids for every program.

  2. Better Classes and Programming. People who aren’t involved with childcare sometimes think it’s a free-for-all in the average daycare service. Most of the time, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Daycare operators like to maintain a high level of focused activities, including classes, for the kids on their watch. But things get complicated fast, especially when breaking kids into groups. SkyChildCare makes it easy to keep sophisticated records on everything going on in your class, like attendance and enrollment. Classes keep kids stimulated and interested, and it’s possible to offer even better ones when the records are accurately kept and updated. SkyChildCare makes that process so easy, that it feels natural.

  3. Simplify Scheduling and Payroll. Most home daycares have at least one employee. Some have a bunch. As anyone who runs one of these operations understands, things can get complicated when you’re dealing with the schedules of a whole bunch of people. SkyChildCare keeps all employee information up to date and accessible in one place. You can record and schedule pay rates, raises, certification levels and advancement opportunities, schedules, work history, and so much more. Many people who run these services keep these records on paper, or worse, in their heads! With SkyChildCare, no one has to remember these details on their own. They’re always available, always accurate, and always up to date.

There are plenty of other ways to make a good daycare great, but these are three of the ways that SkyChildCare is a single betterment solution that covers a lot of bases. This software is able to do a lot more than there is room to cover here, but suffice to say, any childcare service will benefit from bringing it on board.