Top 5 Fertility Health Tips for Women

There is no magic ‘poof and your pregnant’ method when it comes to fertility. It takes time, patience and a little luck. Of course, there are the lucky ones who get pregnant without really trying, but if you are like the rest of us you might need a little help and you might need to take certain measures to boost your fertility. About 10% of women have impaired fecundity and another 20 percent report having a slightly more difficult than average time conceiving. There are alternatives to the natural way of conceiving, but you could also try a few other things before you explore those options. Here are the top five fertility health tips for women.

  1. Don’t eat processed foods. Processed foods — foods with trans-fats, high sugar content and other genetically altered ingredients – can mess with the hormone levels in your body and can make it incredibly hard to conceive a child. Not only that, but processed foods can also affect the child if you do become pregnant, which can result in a number of other negative consequences, like low birth weight and the inability to store the baby’s cord blood at a California cryobank.

  2. Make healthier choices. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Having the necessary daily requirements of all the vitamins and nutrients can hugely increase your fertility health. In fact, doctors say that if you are deficient in one essential vitamin or nutrient – even for a single day – it can affect your chances of having a child. So, make sure to drink plenty of smoothies if you are on the go and maybe skip dessert if you think it won’t be healthy.

  3. Stay away from toxins. These days, toxins are everywhere — in our houses and even in our food. If this is the case, make sure to stay from things like fish with high mercury content. You might also want to get your home tested for mold and other indoor air pollutants. Mold, especially toxic mold, can have a number of negative health affects, like difficulty breathing and poor oxygen circulation. All of which can affect a woman’s chances of conceiving.

  4. Keep your weight down. Obesity can cause a number of problems when you are trying to have a child. Namely, obesity can cause of flurry of hormones to rush through the body that can affect the ovaries and the eggs. So, make sure to keep your weight within ten pounds of the ideal weight for your age and height. Moreover, obesity can cause diabetes, which can also affect fecundity.

  5. Quit bad habits. Another important fertility health tip is to quit all your bad habits, like smoking and drinking. Tobacco, in particular, has literally thousands of harmful and carcinogenic chemicals – including tar and formaldehyde. In addition, drinking can kill important cells in your body that are crucial for creating life. There are a number of ways to kick your old habits. It’s worth it, because it will save your life and the life you are hoping to bring into this world.