How to Wear a Jumpsuit without Looking Like a Welder

The fashion for wearing jumpsuits has made a comeback in recent years. Whether they make you think of the ’80s movie Flashdance or you absolutely love them, there’s no denying that they’re popular with at the moment. Paparazzi have captured celebrities wearing them, and they have featured on the catwalk too. But they’re not an easy item of clothing to wear. Get it wrong, and you could end up looking like a plumber. If you want to buy one and try wearing it, either as a smart or casual outfit, you need to think carefully about which one you buy and plan your outfit carefully before wearing it.


Bring it in at the Waist


Just wearing your jumpsuit as one long piece can be a bad idea. It can make your outfit look slouchy, and if it’s too loose, you could end up looking shapeless. That won’t always be the case, but if you’re worried about that happening, it’s a good idea to define your waist. Use a belt or decorative chain to cinch in the waist of your jumpsuit. You can also use a lightweight sweater or jacket to tie around your waist.


Break it Up with a Jacket


Another way to break up the straight lines and block of color on your jumpsuit is to wear a jacket over it. Leaving a lightweight jacket open over your jumpsuit will elongate your body, which will help if you’re petite. Plus, if it’s lightweight you can keep it on all day without getting too warm. If even a lightweight jacket is too much, try a thin cardigan instead.


Wear a Romper


Instead of a long jumpsuit, wear a short-legged romper. They look great layered over leggings or tights. Tuchuzy stock women’s jumpsuits with short legs, which are ideal for wearing in the summer or winter. Put on some sandals when the sun is out, or layer it up for a warmer look in fall or winter.


Cute Prints


Cute and feminine prints will liven up any jumpsuit. If you have a boyish figure, it can be very hard to make a jumpsuit look good as they emphasize your straight figure. But a feminine print will add a soft touch to your jumpsuit, so you don’t end up looking like you’re going to work in a boiler room. Use a belt to bring in your waist too and go for a backless jumpsuit to show off your back and shoulders.


Wear it to Work


You need to be careful when you wear a jumpsuit to work, because you obviously want to look smart. Don’t go overboard with bright colors or accessories for your work outfit. Try to keep it conservative and put-together. Instead of lots of jewelry, stick with one statement piece or several very simple pieces. And make sure to keep your rompers or playsuits for outside of work – they’re, usually, too short for the office. After you’ve worn your jumpsuit to work, it’s easy to switch it up and turn it into evening wear. Just add some heels and glitzy accessories, and off you go.