Why You Need to Create A Domino’s Pizza Profile

Eating pizza is a fun time activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family at home or at a recreation spot. Fortunately, ordering this tasty food can be done easily from your computer or smart phone and have it delivered at your location. One of the popular pizza outlets, Dominos has now made ordering pizza much faster than before for the benefit of their customers. So, if you are a fan of the various pizzas they have on offer, then this is for you!

Most times, ordering a pizza on the Dominos website involves answering a number of questions to help the staff deliver your food as per your requirements. In most cases, answering the questions can be time consuming and boring especially if you are ordering the same type of pizza or food from their menu. However, to meet the needs of their loyal fans, Dominos have come up with a way to make ordering pizzas from their site much quicker. They have set up a system that allows those ordering online to create a profile on their site that they can use every time they need to have a pizza delivered to them.


If you decide to create a pizza profile on the Dominos website, then you are entitled to a number of benefits offered by the pizza store. Some of the top benefits of having set up the profile when buying pizza include:

  • Earning Domino reward points

Every time you order a pizza through the profile, you earn points that when accumulated will result in a free pizza. The reward system, popularly referred to as “Piece of the pie rewards” makes it possible for those ordering dominos with PayPal to earn ten points for every ten dollars order they spend. When the points add up to sixty, then they can be redeemed for a pizza. The pizza reward is a medium sized one with two toppings, which makes it worthwhile to get the profile set up as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is good to note that this reward system is limited to a number of Dominos outlets.

  • Faster orders

Proper set up of a pizza profile on the Dominos greatly reduces the amount of time needed to make an order. Using a concept dubbed “easy order” online customers to use a number of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets among others to select their preferred pizza and have it delivered to them. Furthermore, they can also access their recent orders to get a similar delivery without having to go through a new ordering process. This feature is one of the most popular among lovers of Dominos pizza that have been buying their pizza for a long time and those that have just discovered the unique brand.


  • Quicker pizza checkout

When setting up the pizza profile, you will be required to provide some personal information to complete your profile. The details needed are quite basic and include your name, phone number and e-mail address. In addition, your payment information such as credit or debit card details will also be saved so that there is no need to type it out every time you need to make an order. Most of the information saved in your profile is accessible when making orders thereby substantially reducing your checkout time on the Domino pizza site.

Overall, having a pizza profile on the Domino site will make your ordering experience hassle free as compared to other similar outlets. Set up a profile today and enjoy the benefits for yourself!